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ECO4 Guidance For Installers

ECO4 Guidance For Installers

eco4 guidance  has been updated and now provides additional funding for fuel-poor households across England. The new ECO4 scheme has increased support for owner-occupied properties while also supporting social housing and private rented households. It has aimed to remove obligation thresholds so that smaller energy suppliers can participate and the scheme has introduced new measures including insulation, heating, lighting, boiler replacements, smart meters and insulation for hot water systems.

The new ECO4 scheme has also introduced uplift routes to allow additional incentives for innovative energy efficiency measures. These can be applied for via the Standard Alternative Methodology route or the Data light Measure (DLM) route. The DLM route has a more specific requirement to demonstrate that the product has reduced environmental impact through lower lifecycle carbon emissions, less waste and energy use and that it uses materials from a sustainable source.

Eco4 Unveiled: A Comprehensive Guide and Practical Tips for Environmental Sustainability

As part of ECO4 the scheme administrator Ofgem has published the ECO4 Guidance: Delivery and ECO4 Local Authority Administration Guidance documents along with the Great British Insulation Scheme and ECO4 Flex eligibility forms. It is important that installers of ECO4 measures deliver their work in accordance with the rules laid down in these documents.

If you need support to ensure that you are working compliantly under the ECO4 scheme then my ECO guidance solution may be able to help you. It is a remote assistance service that provides ongoing ECO advice and measure fact sheets as well as a Q&A service in a flexible and cost effective way using email, phone or skype.

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