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Free Breathwork Masterclass

Free Breathwork Masterclass

Discover the power of your breath to achieve health, wellness, and inner richness. Learn how to offer clients profound relaxation and emotional release through conscious connected breathing. Become a certified breathwork instructor, and join a community of practitioners empowering others to find healing.

The breathwork masterclass is a journey of transformation that goes well beyond professional development. In addition to learning breathing fundamentals, students will explore and process their own deep-seated traumas and emotions, discovering new ways of being and gaining clarity of the true self. This inner transformation allows you to connect with your clients with greater empathy and understanding.

Breathwork Masterclass: Advanced Techniques and Practices

Course content includes a full training on the scientifically proven Oxygen Advantage breathing technique, which reduces stress and anxiety, aids sleep and mental clarity. You will also be trained in how to teach your clients emotional self-regulation and resilience. Our curriculum is complemented by AJ’s business expertise, with training in client management and marketing techniques.

Breathwork is a powerful tool for personal transformation, and can be applied to your yoga, meditation, or coaching practice to help you create more meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of your clients. This free masterclass will give you all the tools and confidence to start teaching breathwork to your own clients.

Suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, this free masterclass will empower you to add the power of breathwork to your existing coaching, meditation or yoga practice. You will receive lifetime access to the course materials and will have the option to attend live Q&A sessions, but if you can’t make it you will have access to all recorded sessions as well.

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