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Glossier Clear Brow Gel Review

Glossier Clear Brow Gel Review

clear brow gel is a must-have in every makeup bag, helping to set and secure your hard work when it comes to shaping and filling in your arches. It can also help you achieve that fluffed-up laminated look, as long as you apply it sparingly. The best clear brow gels won’t feel sticky, crunchy, or flaky — and they’ll keep your eyebrows looking shiny and healthy.

Celebrity brow expert Joey Healy explains the ideal way to use the product: “You want to put a little bit on the very tip of your brow for that light hold.” He adds, “You also need to do a flip with the tail,” pointing out that you should “kind of pinch the tail together and let it kind of dry down.” He suggests using the product with a light hand to avoid having your brows look too done-up.

Long-lasting Beauty: How Clear Brow Gel Keeps Your Brows in Place

We love Glossier’s spoolie-like applicator and lightweight formula, which is perfect for taming unruly brow hairs or layering over a pigmented product to give your brows more definition. The small brush also makes it easy to spot any missed spots when you’re putting the finishing touches on your look.

This spoolie-like product has an amazing tangle-fighting formula that’s packed with panthenol and a bunch of other nourishing ingredients, including shea butter, oleic acid, and atelocollagen. It’s also super-pliable, giving our tester the flexibility she needs to coax and mold her brows into place. Plus, the waterproof finish is a major selling point on hot summer days.

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