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Live Sports and Streaming Services

Live Sports and Streaming Services

About Live Sports

Whether it’s in the stands or on the couch, fans are passionate about their favorite teams and players. For many, watching the games is more important than actually participating, with 40% of Americans saying they watch two to five hours of UFABET เว็บตรง per week.

The Best Platforms to Watch Live Sports in 2024

The demand for sports content continues to grow, resulting in streaming services offering more live sports than ever. With more sports rights up for grabs, the battle for streaming supremacy is heating up with Amazon Prime acquiring NFL “Thursday Night Football,” AppleTV+ acquiring MLS and NBA games, and HBO Max acquiring US women’s and men’s national soccer team matches (see figure).

These companies are also expanding their offerings beyond live action to reach wider audiences, with major growth in documentaries such as Netflix’s Formula One documentary Drive to Survive attracting new F1 fans and strengthening engagement with existing ones. This is helping to shape the way fans view and engage with sport, shifting their expectations from an ad-supported model to a subscription service that can offer a full range of sports programming year round.

However, as live sports make their way into the streaming space it’s worth noting that not all services or apps will show all the games you want to see. Some services may have blackout restrictions that prevent you from watching certain games in your region. It’s important to check a service’s blackout policies before signing up. You can find out which networks broadcast your team’s games by doing a quick internet search for their schedules and checking each of the services that offer those networks.

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