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Mega Patches

Mega Patches


A woven patch to sew on your denim or t-shirt. Each patch is unique and hand-collaged. Using up-cycled fabrics, these patches are part of a collection that is ‘inspired by’ the female models who pose for us in our SS19 collection. ‘MEGA PATCH’ features the models LOLA VARLEY, MIA REGAN + MYA SAMRA.Read more

Statement Pieces: Mega Patches as Wearable Art

MEGA PATCH(tm) is an environmentally friendly alternative to hot mix or cold patch materials. MEGA PATCH(tm) is blended water based co-polymer binder with stone aggregates. It bonds to the side walls of a pothole unlike all other products that simply stay in place by weight and is severely affected by water and U.V. MEGA PATCH(tm) cures to traffic hardness in 1 hour. This product can be mad in black, gray or tan. It also dries clear and does not turn black after curing. It does not contain any recycled asphalt or bitumen. MEGA PATCH(tm) has a 10 year warranty.

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