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Spray Foam Insulation – Why Choose Spraytech Insulators?

Spray Foam Insulation – Why Choose Spraytech Insulators?

When you choose to spray foam insulation your home or commercial building with spray foam, you are choosing one of the most environmentally friendly options available. Not only is it efficient at reducing the transfer of heat from outside to inside, but it also helps you save on energy consumption and lower your utility bills.

In addition, this insulation is extremely durable and requires less maintenance over time. This reduces the amount of product and energy that is wasted throughout its lifespan and also makes it much easier for you to clean up dust, debris and other contaminants.

Debunking Common Myths About Spray Foam Insulation

Unlike other types of insulation that are limited in how they can be used, spray foam can be applied to almost any area of your home or building. Foam insulation can be sprayed into the attic, crawl space and rim joist in an existing home, or sprayed onto unfinished walls in new construction or pole barns. The foam expands when sprayed, filling in spaces and creating an effective air and vapor barrier.

It is important to hire a professional installer when using spray foam. The installation process involves a number of steps and is not something that can be done on your own. If not done properly, dangerous chemical off-gassing can occur that leads to health issues and respiratory problems, as well as ineffective performance of your heating and cooling system. When installing spray foam insulation, look for an installer that uses low GWP blowing agents such as HFOs to avoid this problem.

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