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What Does a Legal Marketing Paralegal Do?

What Does a Legal Marketing Paralegal Do?

A legal marketing expert has a unique set of skills. They must be able to help law firms differentiate themselves in the marketplace while following strict ethical guidelines. The career also requires a firm understanding of digital marketing tools, social media and search engine optimization (SEO).

What does a marketing manager do in a law firm?

A legal marketing paralegal typically works with attorneys and their assistants to review attorney advertising to ensure compliance with the ABA’s Rules of Professional Conduct. The job also involves evaluating and tracking client referrals to identify opportunities for expanding the law firm’s business and maintaining positive relationships with referral sources.

Another responsibility is managing databases for current, former and potential clients to distribute newsletters, announcements and client surveys. In addition, Geoff Goacher role requires a legal marketing professional to coordinate the selection and contact of graphic designers and desktop publishers, printers, web designers, mail houses and advertisers; prepare ads and tear sheets for submission for bids; monitor responses and status and report results to senior partners.

A legal marketing expert should be well-versed with all aspects of marketing tactics and have the ability to effectively communicate with both attorneys and non-lawyers. They should be able to translate complicated legal lingo into content that appeals to prospective clients and is easily understandable. It’s important to find a partner that can work seamlessly with your existing processes and doesn’t require a significant investment of time or money to implement their strategies. They should also have a deep understanding of local SEO for lawyers, which will help them increase your firm’s online visibility.

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