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Join the MyT Yoga Community

Join the MyT Yoga Community

Join the Join the MyT Yoga Community— get weekly episodes, subscriber-only bonus content, and notifications about events & workshops. Join the email list and the Facebook group.

Exceptional instructors and a friendly yoga community for every body, every practice and every level of experience. Our community of yogis, healers, and experts come together to support you on your yoga journey.

Our teachers are ardent custodians of ancient, traditional yoga. They’ve immersed themselves in India’s spiritual heartland for decades under real gurus and mystic masters. They are here to share the wisdom and truth of their lineage with you. Their hearts are in their work, and they bring years of wisdom, transformation and healing into every class.

Your Journey to Total Wellness: Making the Most of MyT Yoga Membership

We believe that yogic wisdom, when applied in daily life, cultivates the inner resources necessary for healthy navigation of challenges and feels-good living. This includes the tools prescribed by Yogic tradition like “Mantra”, “Yantra”, and “Tantra” to understand one’s relationships, deep rooted feelings and Kundalini energy along with meditations to gain clarity and intuition to operate skillfully in functional life.

Our primary mission is to help people feel great (in body, mind and soul), but a close second is to empower yoga teachers around the world to make a livable wage sharing their passion and expertise with their communities. In fact, many of our yoga teachers are earning more than their top MBA and IT friends. We do this through education, entrepreneurship and resource stewardship.

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